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From Malta

Post by admin on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:54 pm

Hi Dante
We met at the UK IOM at West Kirby this year - I am Val and my husband is Vinnie - he was in the wheel chair - hope you remember us? You gave us your email address, but I am afraid I have mislaid it, so hope that this message reaches you. We are back in Malta now and wanted to let you and your sailing friends over in Italy have the dates for the MMBA Open Championship next year which are 18th to 20th March. Do hope that you can make it - if you can let me have your email address then we can send you further details of the event as they are decided.
Very Best Regards
Valerie & Vinnie Zammit

Valerie e il Presidente della Iom in Malta ci invitano al campionato nazionale che si terrą dal 18 al 20 di Marzo del prossimo anno.

non dite che ve l'ho detto troppo tardi ehhh...mettete le paghette di natale da parte che a marzo ci facciamo tre giorni a Malta.

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